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TN State Symbols

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


Symbols for Tennessee
By Nora Kirkeby
Aug 6, 2006, 18:47 PST

Tennessee Art and Theatre Symbols
  • Tennessee State Ambassador of Letters: Harriet Louise Bias Allen
  • Tennessee State Art Form: Songwriting
  • Tennessee State Artist: Burton Calicott
  • Tennessee State Artist in Residence: H.R. Lovell
  • Tennessee State Bicentennial Poem: “Who Are We”
  • Tennessee State Bicentennial Rap Song: “A Tennessee Bicentennial Rap”
  • Tennessee State Bicentennial School Song: “My Home Will Always be in Tennessee”
  • Tennessee State Fine Art: Porcelain painting
  • Tennessee State Folk Dance: Square Dance
  • Tennessee State Painting: Tennessee Treasures
  • Tennessee State Poem: "Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee"
  • Tennessee State Poet Laureate
  • Tennessee State Public School Song: ”My Tennessee”
  • Tennessee State Theater: Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville
  • Tennessee State U.S. Bicentennial March Song: “The Tennessee Salute”
  • Tennessee State U.S. Bicentennial Song: “Fly Eagle, Fly!”

Tennessee Botanical and Garden Symbols
  • Tennessee Bicentennial Tree: Yellowwood
  • Tennessee State Cultivated Flower: Iris
  • Tennessee State Tree: Tulip Poplar
  • Tennessee State Wildflower: Passion Flower

Tennessee Food Symbols
  • Tennessee State Fruit: Tomato

Tennessee Geological and Archaeological Symbols
  • Tennessee Gem: Tennessee River Pearl
  • Tennessee State Rock: Limestone
  • Tennessee State Stone: Agate

Tennessee Legislative Symbols
  • Tennessee State Flag
  • Tennessee State Seal
  • Tennessee State Songs
    • “My Homeland, Tennessee”
    • “When it’s Iris Time in Tennessee”
    • “Tennessee Waltz”
    • “Rocky Top”
    • “The Pride of Tennessee”
    • “Tennessee”

Tennessee Living Symbols (Animals and Fauna)
  • Tennessee State Agricultural Insect: Honey Bee
  • Tennessee State Amphibian: Tennessee Cave Salamander
  • Tennessee State Bird: Mockingbird
  • Tennessee State Butterfly: Zebra Swallowtail
  • Tennessee State Commercial Fish: Channel Catfish
  • Tennessee State Game Bird: Bobwhite Quail
  • Tennessee State Horse: Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Tennessee State Insects: Firefly and Ladybeetle
  • Tennessee State Reptile: Eastern Box Turtle
  • Tennessee State Sport Fish: Large-mouth Bass
  • Tennessee State Wild Animal: Raccoon

Tennessee Location Symbols
  • Tennessee State Aviation Hall of Fame: Tennessee Museum of Aviation
  • Tennessee State Railroad Museum: Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, Hamilton County

Tennessee Miscellaneous Symbols
  • Tennessee State Jamboree and Crafts Festival: The Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree and Crafts Festival
  • Tennessee State Tartan

Tennessee State Symbols

Tennessee Symbols
This site has color pictures of all Tennessee's state symbols, along with descriptions and the history of each.
Source: Tennessee Department of Education

Tennessee Symbols and Honors - (Adobe Acrobat Required)
This site has Tennessee's state symbols, along with other interesting honors the state has received.
Source: Tennessee Blue Book

Tennessee Symbols and History
This is a current list of the symbols of the state of Tennessee and the year each one was added. Click on the symbol's name for more information and a photo or drawing.
Source: Tennessee Department of State

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