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TX State Symbols

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


Symbols for Texas
By Nora Kirkeby
Aug 8, 2006, 18:50 PST

Texas Art and Theatre Symbols
  • Texas State Bluebonnet Song: Bluebonnets
  • Texas State Folk Dance: Square Dance
  • Texas State Musical Instrument: Guitar
  • Texas State Plays:
    • Beyond the Sundown
    • Fandangle
    • The Lone Star

Texas Botanical and Garden Symbols
  • Texas State Flower: Bluebonnet
  • Texas State Grass: Sideoats Grama
  • Texas State Native Shrub: Purple Sage
  • Texas State Plant: Prickly Pear Cactus
  • Texas State Shrub: Crape Myrtle
  • State Tree: Pecan Tree

Texas Food Symbols
  • Texas State Bread: Pan de Campo (Cowboy Bread)
  • Texas State Cooking Instrument: Cast Iron Dutch Oven
  • Texas State Dish: Chili
  • Texas State Fruit: Texas Red Grapefruit
  • Texas State Health Nut: Pecan
  • Texas State Native Pepper: Chiltepin
  • Texas State Pepper: Jalapeno
  • Texas State Snack: Tortilla Chips and Salsa
  • Texas State Vegetable: Sweet Onion

Texas Geological and Archaeological Symbols

  • Texas State Dinosaur: Pleurocoelus
  • Texas State Gemstone: Blue Topaz
  • Texas State Gemstone Cut: Lonestar Cut
  • Texas State Stone: Petrified Palm Wood

Texas Legislative Symbols
  • Texas State Flag
  • Texas State Seal
  • Texas State Pledge to the Flag
  • Texas State Song

Texas Living Symbols (Creatures)
  • Texas State Bird: Mockingbird
  • Texas State Dog Breed: Blue Lacey
  • Texas State Fish: Guadalupe Bass
  • Texas State Flying Mammal: Mexican Free-winged Bat
  • Texas State Insect: Monarch Butterfly
  • Texas State Large Animal: Texas Longhorn
  • Texas State Reptile: Horned Lizard
  • Texas State Small Mammal: Nine-banded Armadillo

Texas Location Symbols
  • Texas State Bluebonnet City: Ennis, TX
  • Texas State Bluebonnet Trail: Bluebonnet Trail in Ennis, TX
  • Texas State Railroad: Historical Texas State Railroad
  • Texas State Tejano Music Hall of Fame: Tejano Roots Fall of Fame and Music

Texas Miscellaneous Symbols
  • Texas State 10K: Texas Roundup 10K
  • Texas State Airforce: Commemorative Airforce
  • Texas State Bluebonnet Festival: Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival
  • Texas State Fiber/Fabric: Cotton
  • Texas State Ship: Battleship U.S.S. Texas
  • Texas State Shell: Lightning Whelk
  • Texas State Sport: Rodeo
  • Texas State Tall Ship: Elissa
  • Texas State Tartan: The Bluebonnet Tartan

Texas State Symbols

Texas State Symbols
This helpful chart from the Texas State Library lists each of the categories, the symbols, and the state resolutions that established them.
Source: Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Texas Facts and Symbols (The States and Their Symbols)
These easy-to-read books make report writing easy. A fast-fact section in each volume introduces students to basic information, including the state's capital city, largest city, physical size, population, date and rank of statehood, natural resources, important farm products, and primary manufactured goods. The text covers major state symbols, such as the state flag, seal, bird, tree, flower, animal, and more. Click on the link above to buy this book at

The Texas State Symbols
Do you know what the Texas state flower is? How about the official state vegetable? Learn about all the state symbols that make Texas so special here in the Texas Official Facts section.
Source: The Texas State Senate

State Symbols Matching Game - (Macromedia Shockwave Required)
Play this fun matching game and test your knowledge of the Texas state symbols.
Source: The Texas State Senate

Coloring Pages with the State Seal
This is a really fun page! You can color in the picture of the state symbols by following the directions at the top of the page.
Source: The Texas State Senate

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