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VT State Symbols

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


Symbols for Vermont
By Nora Kirkeby
Sep 14, 2006, 18:56 PST

Vermont Botanical and Garden Symbols

  • Vermont State Flower: Red Clover
  • Vermont State Soil: Tunbridge Soil Series
  • Florida State Tree: Sugar Maple

Vermont Food Symbols
  • Vermont State Beverage: Milk
  • Vermont State Flavor: Maple
  • Vermont State Fruit: Apple
  • Vermont State Pie: Apple

Vermont Geological and Archaeological Symbols
  • Vermont State Fossil: White Whale
  • Vermont State Gem: Grossular Garnet
  • Vermont State Mineral: Talc
  • Vermont State Rocks:
    • Granite
    • Marble
    • Slate

Vermont Legislative Symbols
  • Vermont State Coat of Arms
  • Vermont State Flag
  • Vermont State Seal
  • Vermont State Song

Vermont Living Symbols (Creatures)
  • Vermont State Amphibian: Northern Leopard Frog
  • Vermont State Animal: Morgan Horse
  • Vermont State Bird: Hermit Thrush
  • Vermont State Butterfly: Monarch Butterfly
  • Vermont State Cold Water Fish: Brook Trout
  • Vermont State Insect: Honey Bee
  • Vermont State Warm Water Fish: Walleye Pike

Vermont State Symbols

Vermont State Symbols
The page is a little cluttered, but when you click on each of the links, you will find a very nice write-up on each of the symbols listed for the state of Vermont.
Source: Vermont Department of Libraries

Vermont State Emblems
This page gives you a photo of the state seal and the state coat of arms along with a written history of each.
Source: Vermont Secretary of State

Vermont State Symbols
explore this pictorial guide to Vermont's state symbols.
Source: Vermont Secretary of State

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