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WA State Symbols

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


Symbols for Washington
By Nora Kirkeby
Sep 16, 2006, 19:02 PST

Washington Art and Theater Symbols
  • Washington State Dance: Square Dance
  • Washington State Folk Song: "Roll on Columbia, Roll On"
  • Washington State Song: "Washington, My Home"

Washington Botanical and Garden Symbols
  • Washington State Flower: Coastal Rhododendron
  • Washington State Grass: Bluebunch Wheatgrass
  • Washington State Tree: Western Hemlock

Washington Food Symbols
  • Washington State Fruit: Apple
  • Washington State Vegetable: Walla Walla Sweet Onion

Washington Geological and Archaeological Symbols
  • Washington State Fossil: Petrified Wood
  • Washington State Gem: Columbian Mammoth

Washington Legislative Symbols
  • Washington State Flag
  • Washington State Seal
  • Washington State Song: "Washington, My Home"

Washington Living Symbols (Creatures)
  • Washington State Amphibian: Pacific Chorus Frog
  • Washington State Bird: Willow Goldfinch
  • Washington State Fish: Steelhead Trout
  • Washington State Insect: Darner Green Dragon Fly
  • Washington Marine Mammal: Orca

Washington Location Symbols
  • Washington State Arboretum: Washington Park Arboretum, University of Washington, Seattle

Washington Miscellaneous symbols
  • Washington State Ship: The Lady Washington
  • Washington State Tartan

Washington State Symbols Pages

Washington State Coloring Book -
(Adobe Acrobat Required)
This great little coloring book, has a coloring page for almost every one of Washington's state symbols, and is well worth the download.
Source: Washington State Legislature

Symbols of Washington State
These entries on each of Washington's official symbols give you just the right amount of information, as well as an accompanying picture.
Source: State of Washington

Washington Facts and Symbols (The States and Their Symbols
These easy-to-read books make report writing easy. A fast-fact section in each volume introduces students to basic information, including the state's capital city, largest city, physical size, population, date and rank of statehood, natural resources, important farm products, and primary manufactured goods. The text covers major state symbols, such as the state flag, seal, bird, tree, flower, animal, and more. Click on the link above to buy this book at

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