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WV History & Facts

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


History & Statistics on West Virginia
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 15, 2006, 19:04 PST

June 20, 1863 is the day West Virginia became the 35th State in the Union. Read about how it was the only state born out of the armed conflict of the civil war.
Source: West Virginia Division of Tourism

African-Americans in West Virginia
The African-American presence in West Virginia dates from the 1780's. Read about the fascinating historical events related to this area.
Source: West Virginia Archives and History

Civil War Discovery Trail
The Civil War Discovery Trail links more than 300 sites in 16 states to inspire and teach the story of the Civil War and its haunting impact on America. The Trail includes battlefields, historic homes, railroad stations, cemeteries, and parks.
Source: West Virginia Division of Tourism

13th Regiment West Virginia Volunteer Infantry
This is the story of the soldiers in the 13th Regiment West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, a Union regiment that fought in the United States Civil War and was organized in Point Pleasant and Barboursville, West Virginia, in October, 1862.
Source: 7th West Virginia Company A (reenactors)

Quick Quizzes on West Virginia History
Answer any one of 31 quick questions on West Virginia history at this website.
Source: West Virginia Archives and History

West Virginia in the Civil War
Created in the midst of the Civil War, West Virginia provided to the Union Army 31,872 regular army troops, 133 sailors and marines, and 196 United States Colored Troops, during that terrible conflict of 1861-1865. There are links on this site to regiment information, historical documents, and even reenactment groups.
Source: Steven A. Cunningham

History of the Railroad in West Virginia
The B&O is the oldest railroad in the U.S. and more than 210 of its 379 miles lie in West Virginia. Read about how it helped West Virginia to flourish.
Source: West Virginia Division of Tourism

Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement
Read about the Elizabeth Harden Gilmore House and the role it played in the Civil Rights Movement at this site.
Source: National Park Service

History of WV Mineral Industries - Coal
In 1742, John Peter Salley created a report that became the first reference to coal in what we now know as West Virginia. Discover how the coal industry expanded in this state over the past 200 years.
Source: Bureau of Deep Mine Safety

West Virginia Coal Mining Facts
The mining industry in West Virginia is considered a critical economical and national resource. Review these quick facts about this industry on History, Production, the Economy, and Safety.
Source: West Virginia Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training

The West Virginia Coal Mine Wars
At the beginning of the 1900's, much of the land known as West Virginia was taken over by coal companies. Land use and misuse was uncontrolled. Read about the subsequent Coal Mine Wars that took place from 1912 to 1921.
Source: Kathy Moore, West Virginia University

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