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WI People

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Famous People From Wisconsin
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 15, 2006, 01:14 PST

Famous People From Wisconsin
There are many people from Wisconsin that have made their mark on the world, including Willy Wonka's Gene Wilder.
Source: Things To Do

Wisconsin Indian Tribes
There are 11 federally recognized Native American tribes in Wisconsin. These links will take you to information on each one, as well as some of the tribe's own websites.
Source: Paula Giese & BIA

Do you believe in magic? Learn about the sleight of hand that Houdini played with his place of birth.
Source: The Outagamie County Historical Society
Wisconsin Electronic Reader Image Galleries
Browse through the list of people featured by the Wisconsin Electronic Reader.
Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison General Library System and the State Historical Society of Wisconsin
American Life Histories from Wisconsin
These are manuscripts from the Federal Writers' Project, which detail the lives of individuals from Wisconsin from 1936-1940.
Source: The American Memory Collection- Library of Congress
Native American Research in Wisconsin
This website is actually a genealogy page, but since it deals with locating records about Native Americans in Wisconsin, we felt that it was an interesting way to capture some unique information about the people of the state.
Source: Vicki Wilson
Who are our Public Officials?
Wisconsin's government features separate legislative, executive, and judicial branches. This site explains what makes each one unique and how it functions.
Source: Wisconsin State Government

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