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WI Fun Stuff

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Interesting Tidbits About Wisconsin
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 15, 2006, 18:55 PST

Native American Powwow
– Learn how a powwow is a social occasion, a chance to affirm the joy of life and the dignity of a living culture, and an exhibition of virtuoso dancing with opportunities to participate.
Source: Great Lakes Intertribal Council

1947 Wisconsin License Plate – What did the license plates look like in 1947? We can show you!
Source: Infosearch

Circus World Museum- If you had your curiosity piqued at the Library of Congress site, you can read more about this unusual museum on their own site.
Source: State Historical Society of Wisconsin

The House on the Rock - During the 1940's, a man named Alex Jordan discovered a 60-foot chimney of rock in the beautiful Wyoming Valley. It was then he decided to build a house on the sandstone formation called Deer Shelter Rock.  This is the house on the rock; an unusual attraction in southwest Wisconsin.
Source: The House on the Rock

The Virtual Silurian Reef
- 425 million years ago, when much of North America was covered by a shallow, tropical sea, reefs flourished in the area now occupied by Wisconsin and Illinois. Now you can explore it through this wonderful distance-learning project.
            Source: Milwaukee Public Museum

Butterflies of Wisconsin - The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center knows all about the butterflies in your state.
            Source: USGS- The United States Geological Survey

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