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AK History & Facts

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


Interesting Tidbits About Alaska
By ClassBrain Staff
Mar 19, 2006, 16:24 PST

Alaska Quiz
Discover how much you know about Alaska with this quiz.

Shipwreck off Alaska's Coast
We think this is site exceptionally cool!
"The MMS Shipwreck Database provides the most comprehensive compilation of Alaska shipwrecks to date. The database is a list of shipwrecks that have occurred in Alaska from earliest Russian times (1741) to the present compiled from an extensive literature search."
Source: MInerals Management Service

Alaskana Trivia
Are you curious about “bush pilots” or “sourdough”? Find out what they are in this homegrown glossary of Alaskan terms.
Source: Larry Suiter, Prudential Vista Real Estate

The Alaska Highway
Find out what’s special about this stretch of road.
Source: The Columbia Encyclopedia on

Hidden Treasures - Alaska Minerals
Explore this wonderful mineral and rock guide.

Agayuliyararput - Our Way of Making Prayer

Visit this wonderful online exhibit of Yup'ik Eskimo Masks. The text is written in both Yup’ik and English.
Source:Arctic Studies Center

Ghost Towns of Alaska
Discover all of Alaska’s historic ghost towns.
Source: Ghost Towns

Butterflies of Alaska
The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center knows all about the butterflies in your state.
Source: USGS - Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

Notebook of Animals for Kids
If you can think of an Alaskan animal or fish, this Fish and Game Department site has probably created a fact sheet about it.
Source: Alaska Department of Fish and Game

All About Glaciers
Anything that you want to know about glaciers can be found at this thorough site.
Source: National Snow & Ice Data Center

Glaciers of Alaska
From the shattering roar of calving tidewater glaciers to the frigid world of the tiny ice worm, Glaciers of Alaska brings to life the awesome formations that are one of the Earth's most magnificent features. Useful maps, an illustrated glossary, and dozens of spectacular full-color photographs clearly explain the exotic vocabulary of glacier anatomy and the complexity and wonder of these massive rivers of ice. Click on this link to buy the book at

Alaska Climate Research Center
Research everything about Alaska’s climate and weather at this site. You’ll find everything from historical information on storms to current weather in the various cities in Alaska.
Source: The Alaska Climate Research Center

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