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MS People

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Famous People From Mississippi
By ClassBrain Staff
Jun 6, 2006, 01:20 PST

Ancient Architects of the Mississippi
Find out about the amazing architecture that existed in Mississippi before Europeans had even discovered it.
Source: National Park Service

The Natchez Indians
Find out about the people who inhabited Southwest Mississippi hundreds of years ago.
Source: Mississippi Historical Society

Historical Timeline
Find out about the Native Americans who inhabited Mississippi long before Europeans came.
Source: Mississippi Division of Tourism

Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame
Elvis Presley was from Mississippi. Do you know who else came from this great state?
Source: Mississippi Musician's Hall of Fame

Famous Mississippians
Get a list of all the amazing people who came from Mississippi at this website.
Source: Mississippi Division of Tourism

John Grisham
Find out all about this famous author at this website.
Source: Mississippi State Univeristy

William Faulkner
Faulkner was arguably one of the most influential American writers. Learn all about his life, his work, and his legacy at this website.
Source: The Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research

Mississippi Writers and Musicians
Find out about Mississipps famous and not-so-famous musicians and writers at this website.
Source: Mississippi's Writer and Musician Association

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