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State Capitol of Nebraska
By ClassBrain Staff
Jun 10, 2006, 13:53 PST

Capital or Capitol?

What is the difference between these two? Here’s how it breaks down . . .

The Capit
al is the city or town that is the seat of government in a state or nation.

The Capit
ol is the building in which the state legislative body meets.

For information about Nebraska’s Capit
al City, click here.

Unicameral Photo Library
Check out these great high-resolution downloads of the capitol photos.
Source: Nebraska Legislature

The Goodhue Capitol Guided Tour
Go on an online tour of the beautiful Goodhue Capitol at this great site.
Source: Nebraska State Capitol

Nebraska's State Capitol
Get a history of Nebraska's different capitol buildings, see pictures, and more at this site.
Source: Nebraska State Capitol

Unicameral Photo Tour
Go on a photo tour of this fantastic building and see great historical photos.
Source: State of Nebraska

Nebraska State Capitol Building
Find out all about the state capitol building and get a beautiful color photo at this site.
Source: Star City Mall

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