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NV People

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


Famous People From Nevada
By ClassBrain Staff
Jun 10, 2006, 11:47 PST

Shedding Light on Nevada's First Nobel Laureate
Find out all about the first winner of this prestigious award from Nevada. You will see pictures of the man, along with a description of his life and accomplishments.
Source: Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs

Famous Nevadans
The Nevadans listed on this page were either born in Nevada or lived there for a substantial part of their lives.You can click on any of the names and read more about the person.The list includes politicians, athletes, radio show hosts, authors, and actors.
Source: Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs

A History of Native Nevadans Through Photography
This site offers a look at the people who lived in Nevada before the Europeans arrived. See pictures of these Native Americans and read about their rich cultural heritage.
Source: Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs

Portraits of Nevada
This site archives clothing and fashion of early Nevada pioneers. The author has compiled a virtual museum that chronicles the history and lifestyle of Nevada's founders.
Source: University of Nevada, Reno

Scotty's Castle
Find out about this amazing castle in the desert at this cool and unusual website.
Source: National Park Service

The Death of Indian Johnny
Find out who Indian Johnny was and why he played such an important role in Nevada's history at this website.
Source: Reno News & Review

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