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DE State Symbols

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Symbols for Delaware
By ClassBrain Staff
Sep 7, 2006, 10:40 PST

Delaware Art and Theatre Symbols

  • Delaware State Poet Laureate

Delaware Botanical and Garden Symbols
  • Delaware State Flower: Peach Blossom
  • Delaware State Herb: Sweet Goldenrod
  • DelawareState Soil: Greenwich Loam
  • Delaware State Tree: American Holly
Delaware Food Symbols
  • Delaware State Beverage: Milk

Delaware Geological and Archaeological Symbols
  • Delaware State Fossil: Belemnitella americana
  • Delaware State Mineral: Sillimanite

Delaware Legislative Symbols
  • Delaware State Flag
  • Delaware State Seal
  • Delaware State Song: Our Delaware

Delaware Living Symbols (Animals and Fauna)
  • Delaware State Bird: Blue Hen Chicken
  • Delaware State Bug: Ladybug
  • Delaware State Butterfly: Tiger Swallowtail
  • Delaware State Fish: Weakfish
  • Delaware State Macroinvertebrate: Stonefly
  • Delaware State Marine Animal: Horseshoe Crab
Delaware Miscellaneous Symbols
  • Delaware State Star: Delaware Diamond

Delaware State Symbols

Delaware State Symbols
This page covers everything from information on the State's Seal to the 4 nicknames for the State of Delaware. Scroll down the page for the state symbols
Source: The State of Delaware - Government Information Center

Delaware State Symbols Quick Guide
This quick guide to the state symbols includes the adoption date of all the symbols they have listed, and thumbnail photos that enlarge when you click on them.
Source: City of Dover

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