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SD Fun Stuff

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Interesting Tidbits About South Dakota
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 6, 2006, 18:35 PST

Carving a Mountain
This site has everything you ever wanted to know about the building of the Crazy Horse Memorial. You’ll see pictures of the sculpture in progress, what it will look like when it’s completed, and an in-depth account of the monument’s history.
Source: Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation

The Crazy Horse Progress Newsletters - (Adobe Acrobat Required)
These newsletters have great diagrams and photos at the top and the bottom of the pages.
Source: Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation

Mount Rushmore Information
This epic sculpture features the faces of four exalted American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. South Dakota's Black Hills provide the backdrop for Mount Rushmore, the world's greatest mountain carving. Learn more about this amazing creation at this website.
Source: South Dakota Department of Travel and Tourism

The Weekly South Dakotan
Explore this treasure chest of history for 4th grade students and beyond.
Source: South Dakota State Department

Butterflies of South Dakota
The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center knows all about the butterflies in your state.
Source: USGS - Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

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