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TX Fun Stuff

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Interesting Tidbits About Texas
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 6, 2006, 18:38 PST

Texas Senate Kids
This fun site is made for you. You can play games, solve puzzles, and learn great facts about the State of Texas.
Source: Texas State Senate

The Legend of Lone Star Bob and Bluebonnet Betty
Read this fun story for kids. You’ll discover the history of the state symbols in a story.
Source: Texas State Senate

Texas Indians
This site is an index of the different Native American tribes in Texas. It lists the tribes and their cultural activities, along with information for teachers and students.

A Texas Scrapbook
This site is an online scrapbook containing all of Texas’ most notable historical events. Read the history and see pictures of these amazing happenings.
Source: Lone Star Junction

The Governor’s Mansion of Texas
See pictures of the Governor’s mansion and read about its history at this website.
Source: Texas Historical Commission

Texas Archeology Fun Facts
Texas is a state full of rich cultural history. Learn quick facts about the people who lived and worked in Texas at this website.
Source: Texas Historical Commission

Butterflies of Texas
The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center knows all about the butterflies in your state.
Source: USGS - Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

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