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TX People

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


Famous People From Texas
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 6, 2006, 09:34 PST

Giants of Texas History
Learn about Sam Houston, Thomas Jefferson Rusk, and other great Texans at this website.
Source: Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Republic of Texas
Get a list of The Republic of Texas' chief executives, along with the years they served and their biographies, at this website.
Source: The Texas State library and Archives Commission

Who Was Known As The...?
Find out about the many colorful characters that inhabited Texas at this fun website.
Source: The Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Notable Texans Before 1900
Did you know O. Henry was from Texas? Find out what other great people lived there before the turn of the 20th century at this website.
Source: Lone Star Junction

The Indians of Texas
See a map of where Texas' Native Americans lived and then read about their history in a short essay.
Source: Lone Star Junction

Official Texas State Artists
You can see a list of the Texas State Artists at this site, accompanied by their alternates. A committee of the Legislature, consisting of three representatives and three senators, designates the Texas State Artists and alternates.
Source: Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Texas' All-Woman Supreme Court
Three women comprised a special Texas Supreme Court for five months in 1925. It was the first all-woman high court in the United States. Find out more about this amazing court at this website.
Source: The Dallas Morning News

Texas Indian Tribes, Bands, and Cultures
You can learn about the Texas Indian tribes at this website. You'll find great information on the major tribes and see color photographs.

Texas Ghost Towns
Explore the Old West in these spooky ghost towns. You can find all of Texas' greatest legends, along with some towns not even in Texas.

Texan Culture
Even grander than the sheer size of Texas is its cultural diversity. People from all over the globe have settled here through the centuries, weaving a vibrant tapestry of languages, traditions, and art forms. Learn all about this rich culture at this website.
Source: Texas Department of Economic Development

Bonnie & Clyde
You'll discover Bonnie and Clyde's local hang-outs at this website. View pictures and read interesting facts about their lives.
Source: Dallas Historical Society

Texas Buffalo Soldiers
The Texas Buffalo Soldiers, a group formed to bring the largely untold story of African-American frontier soldiers to urban youth, will deliver their message of minority achievement and pride throughout the state of Texas at this website.
Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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