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AK Images

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


Photos & Media - Alaska
By ClassBrain Staff
Oct 19, 2006, 00:13 PST

Harriman Alaska Expedition of 1899
"Railroad magnate Edward H. Harriman led a team of twenty-three scientists, including the great naturalist John Muir, on a two month expedition to explore the waters and coastal territory of Alaska. Over 5,000 photographs were taken during the voyage and were used to compile the souvenir album of the expedition presented here with 254 of those images."
Source: University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections

Alaska's Tracy Arm Glacier QTVR 1997
Take a look at this glacier as though you were standing there. Very cool!
Source:Mark Neisser

Don Bain's Virtual Reality Panoramas - Alaska
These amazing photographs show you exactly what it is like to be in a particular spot - you can look in any direction, all the way around. It's the next best thing to being there.
Source:Don Bain's Virtual Guidebook

Alaska Photo Gallery
A small Alaskan photo gallery with incredible photos.
Source:Travel Alaska

Journey Through Alaska
Take different routes through Alaska and read about the fantastic places you can visit.
Source:Travel Alaska

Alaskan Adventures - Virtual Tours
Choose from one of three fantastic virtual tours of Alaska including a hiking tour, a kayak tour, and a fishing tour. Alaskan Adventures provides an informative guide to help you on your way.
Source:Alaskan Adventures

Anchorage Virtual Tour
Navigate your way around these places in Anchorage, Alaska. Click on the photo and then use the side arrows to move.
Source:Untraveled Road

Alaska's Digital Archive
This great database of historical photos is a wonderful way to get to know Alaska's history. Excellent descriptions accompany each photo.
Source: Alaska Virtual Library and Digital Archives

Alaska: Images of the Country
First published in 1981 and now available in this distinctive edition, a compelling portrait of modern Alaska pairs excerpts from John McPhee's classic "Coming into the Country" with photojournalist Galen Rowell's breathtaking images of the lands and people. Click here to buy this from at

Alaska ePostcards
Send your teacher or one of your classmates a virtual postcard.
Source: The State of Alaska

Alaska Animals
These are photos of some of the wildlife in Alaska.
Source: Alaska Information Services

Juneau in the Gold Rush
These photos are windows into Alaska's past.
Source: Alaska State Library

Gallery of Historic Photos of Juneau, Alaska and Vicinity
Most of the photographs presented here are from the collections of the Alaska State Library.
Source: City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska - Juneau Public Library

Alaska Online Video Gallery (REQUIRES REALPLAYER)
Make Alaska come alive by viewing these wonderful videos on Alaskan wildlife and the Capitol complex.
Source: The State of Alaska Online

Alasks Fish & Game Photo Gallery
View beautiful photos of bears, moose, salmon, and more in this wonderful collection.
Source: Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Funtastic Facts about Alaskan Wildlife
How much do you know about Alaskas wildlife? Learn some fun facts about Alaska's fascinating animals.
Source: Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Wildlife Conservation

Photo Gallery for the State of Alaska
See beautiful pictures of Alaska at this site. Their photos are in full vibrant color and large enough to be a great companion in your state report.

Photo Gallery for the State of Alaska
Former Division of Tourism photos. When using the search, don't click a location, it lmits it too much.
Source:Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development

Find more photos and information on Alaska with the help of Google.

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