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Last Updated: Jan 23rd, 2011 - 06:37:27 

ClassBrain's Top 10 Lists  

ClassBrain's Top 10 Groundhog Day Websites
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jan 29, 2007, 08:54 PST

Top 10 Groundhog Day Sites
From the staff at ClassBrain

The tradition of Groundhog Day originates on Candlemas Day. On this day, clergy blessed and distributed candles for the long, cold winter. Germans added to this tradition by designating the hedgehog as the official means by which the weather was predicted. If it came out and saw it's shadow, then you could expect six more weeks of winter. If it didn't, you could expect an early spring.

When Germans came to America and settled in Pennsylvania, they brought this tradition with them. However, there were no hedgehogs in Pennsylvania, only groundhogs. So the groundhog became the official prognosticator of the winter season.

    Top Punxsutawney Groundhog Sites

  1. The Official Site of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club has many great ideas on how to celebrate this unique holiday, beginning with the Groundhog Event Schedule. In you’re in Pennsylvania, you can go to dances, ice carving contests, sleigh rides, art shows, a woodchuck whittle carving show, a food festival, family fun night, and more! Learn the history of Groundhog Day, and read about Punxsutawney. There is a special activities section for kids with pages to printout and color, puzzles, mazes, word searches, and songs.
    Source: Punxsutawney Groundhog Club

  2. Phantastic Phils! Public Art Project
    If you’re familiar with New York City’s Cow Art Project, then you’ll get a kick out of these 20 larger than life groundhogs that are being decorated to celebrate this famous groundhog community. The first pieces of regional art will be unveiled on groundhog’s day in 2004.
    Source: Phil's Digital Den

    Other Famous Groundhogs

  3. Wharton Willie is a Canadian groundhog from South Bruce Peninsula. This little fellow has been predicting spring every February 2nd, since 1956.
    Source: Town of South Bruce Peninsula

  4. Gen. Beau Lee, Ph.D., Georgia’s ‘As Real As It Gets’ Groundhog is apparently Georgia’s claim to groundhog fame. He lives at the Yellow River Game Ranch, and if you have a birthday on February 2nd, you get into the festivities free!
    Source: Yellow River Game Ranch

  5. Dunkirk Dave, has apparently been predicting the weather almost as long as Phil. This little critter has been at it for over 50 years! Of interest on their site are some very adorable Groundhog Day e-cards that you can send to your friends.
    Source: Bob Will

  6. Jimmy from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin apparently hasn’t heard of Punxsutawney Phil, since they claim to be the first, best, and only groundhog page on the Internet. However, the site does hold quite a bit of information on this unusual day, and it has some adorable ecards that you can send for free.
    Source: khoeppner, Sun Prairie Wisconsin

  7. Groundhog Central allows you to check out groundhogs from around the country. Look up one by you, or check out one across the country!
    Source: The Committee for the Commericalization of Groundhog Day

    Just For Fun Groundhog Sites

  8. Groundhogs at HogHaven lets you see them, watch them, hear them, and study them. This is a wonderful informational site.
    Source: HogHaven

  9. Groundhog Day Activities and Crafts has wonderful ideas for classroom fun, including finger puppets, games, snacks, science projects, and music.
    Source: Preschool Express

  10. Groundhog Day on ClassBrain is also full of fun things to do and learn. Make sure you stop by to see what else we've added about this furry weatherman.
    Source: ClassBrain

    © Copyright 2007 by

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