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Last Updated: Jan 23rd, 2011 - 06:37:27 

ClassBrain's Top 10 Lists  

ClassBrain's Top Ten Academy Awards Websites
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jun 28, 2004, 10:58 PST

oscars top 10

The Top Ten Academy Awards Websites
By the staff at

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
At the beginning of each year, Oscar fever grips the world. We wait with baited breath to see who will be nominated on January 27, 2004. We argue about our favorites with our friends throughout February. Then, we all huddle around our televisions to see the ultimate winners, which air this year on February 29, 2004.

This year there are some amazing films in contention! 2003 was a good year for moviegoers. The 76th Academy Awards will decide the fate of movies such as The Return of the King, The Last Samurai, 21 Grams, and Cold Mountain to name just a few. Will The Lord of the Rings final installation of The Return of the King finally win best picture? Will Tom Cruise, Sean Penn or Russell Crowe garner the best actor award, or will some other actor steal it away from them? The next couple of months will be spent pondering hours of questions, such as these. Then, when the Academy Awards night finally arrives, this top ten list will give you everything you need to enjoy your debates, conversations, and Academy Award parties.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences
Four of our top ten list come too us from the Academy! Each of these collections or features are uniquely helpful and interesting for movie buffs around the world.

1. The Academy Awards is the official site of the Academy of the Arts and Sciences, and the ultimate location of everything Oscar on the Internet.
Source: Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences

2. The Awards Database was just recently created to allow you to search for nominees and winners. Eventually there will also be an advance search and statistical search, but for the time being their basic search is amazingly comprehensive. Since the database is compiled and maintained by the Academy, you can rely on its accuracy.
Source: Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences

3. The Oscar and Other Awards explains the history of the Oscar and ten other awards given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, such as the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, Gordon E. Sawyer Award, and the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.
Source: Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences

Official poster of the 76th Academy Awards
4. Academy Awards Posters- 72nd – 76th, shows you the ever-popular official posters for the Oscars. You can purchase this year’s poster until March 15th. After that you’ll have to find one second-hand.
Source: Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences

Other Academy Award Sites That Your Should Know

5. Apple Movie Trailer Theater Presents the Academy Awards
lets you view the Internet movie trailers for the most recent Academy Award winners.
Source: Apple Computer

6. The IMDb Academy Awards
website gives you a quick overview of this prestigious award and a chart where you can find who hosted the awards ceremonies from 1929 to the present. Then use this database to learn almost anything about any movie you know.

7. Biography Goes to the Academy Awards has some fun additions for any home Academy Awards party, such as a ballot that you can print out and mark as you go. Make it into a competition, by voting ahead of time, and seeing who comes the closest to the actual winners. If you prefer there’s also an excellent trivia collection arranged by decade.
Source: Biography Magazine

8. All About the Oscars is a special Flash presentation by the Encyclopedia Britannica. Click on the decade and then the year to see the main award winners at past festivals.
Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

9. New York Times – Movies: Oscars takes a look at the most current information on the Academy Awards and the movies and actors involved.
Source: New York Times

10. Movies in the Classroom brings lesson plans, reviews, and activities to teachers and students around the world. Lesson plans are available for students from kindergarten to college.
Source: Movies in the Classroom

© Copyright 2004 by

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