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Last Updated: Jan 23rd, 2011 - 06:37:27 


Math Worksheets
By Sarah Lane
Mar 27, 2004, 14:00 PST

Untitled Document
1-2-3 Numbers Algebra Fractions
Geometry Graph Sheets Measurement
Number Operations Percentages  
1-2-3 Numbers
Have your students try their hand at greater numbers and less than. Add magic squares, factors, multiples, number lines, patterns, place values, rounding, and Roman Numerals for a well balanced math meal.
Before After Between [pdf]

Comparing Numbers [pdf]

Counting Practice [pdf]
Factors [pdf]
Magic Squares [pdf]
Mulitples [pdf]
Number Lines [pdf]
Numbers Patterns Challenge [pdf]
Ordering Numbers [pdf]
Place Value [pdf]
Roman Numerals [pdf]
Rounding Numbers [pdf]
Are you ready for an algebraic invasion? Then pave the way for kids to solve these equations.
Algebra Equations [pdf]
Think your pupils’ fraction skills are in tune? Then let them try conversions, operations and exercises with whole numbers this afternoon.
Fraction Converstions [pdf]

Fraction Operations [pdf]

Fractions of Whole Numbers [pdf]
It’s all angles and polygons, so come get your Geometry on!
Geometry Angles [pdf]

Geometry Polygons [pdf]

Graph Sheets
With graph sheets from 1" to 1/8" to print out, line graphs, and xy graphs, you’ll never have a problem getting from point A to point B.
1" Graph [pdf]

1/2" Graph [pdf]

1/4" Graph [pdf]
1/8" Graph [pdf]
3/4" Graph [pdf]
Graph Paper [pdf]
Line Graph [pdf]
XY Graph [pdf]
See how your learners measure up after algebraic equations, circumference and area, aspects of geometry, line and perimeter measurements, and individual units of measurement get through with them.
Circle Measurement [pdf]

Geomerty Angles [pdf]

Line Measurement [pdf]
Perimeter & Area [pdf]
Units of Measure [pdf]
Number Operations
Perfect advanced operations using these puzzles, matching exercises, tables, and drills.
Across Downs [pdf]

Advanced Operations [pdf]

Basic Facts [pdf]
Match Up [pdf]
Multiple Addends [pdf]
Mulitple Operations [pdf]
Multiplication Table [pdf]
Secret Trail [pdf]
Table Drills [pdf]
You’ll find plenty of %’s to decimals and back. Have your kids practice converting percents to fractions, and finding portions of numbers with this worksheet stack.
Decimals to Percents [pdf]

Percent to Decimals [pdf]

Percent to Fractions [pdf]
Percents to Numbers [pdf]

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