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Last Updated: Jan 23rd, 2011 - 06:37:27 

Teaching Materials  

Online Math Books
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Feb 27, 2007, 17:10 PST

Online Mathematics Textbooks

This great collection of math textbooks, available free online, allows teachers, schools, and districts to rethink their use of expensive hard copy mathematic textbooks. This list was assembled by George Cain of Georgia Institute of Technology. There are books on all levels of mathematics available, and teachers should have no trouble finding one or more they like.

Just thinking of all the money it could save at the college level is staggering, if even a portion of the instructors shifted to online math books. My daughter's math textbook for her college class recently cost me over $100! Multiply that by all the students in all of the classes taught by just that one teacher:
  • Her class = 26 students
  • Classes taught by instuctor on her campus = 2
  • Classes taught on other campuses by same instuctor = 1
  • Total students taught by just one instuctor = 78
  • Total savings in just one professor's classes = 78 x $128.00 = $9984!

Based on the price that students I know are paying for their textbooks at both the junior college and university level, it appears that colleges don't really have much of an interest in saving students money on their books. Many of my professors authored their own textbooks, and therefore stood to make quite a bit of money on the required purchase of their tomes. There are a few select professors that have taken steps to minimize the expense borne by their students, by placing required notes and materials on CDs and online, but they are unfortunately still in the minority.

High schools and middle schools should take a serious look at the free resources available online. These online textbooks could save a district tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars. Since the students at this level do not bear the cost of their textbooks, the money saved on books can be redirected to other resources and materials needed by money strapped schools.

Additional Mathematics Books Online

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