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Street Science - New Skins for Traditional School Supplies
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Apr 1, 2012, 6:57pm

Touting themselves as revolutionary, Street Science is a new line of school supplies that features five different design styles to add a stylish touch to your school work. Although the designs look like fun, I wouldn't call the school supplies revolutionary in any way.

With a name like School Science, I was hoping to see a new approach to the products, using a unique layout design, or a new use of recycled materials, but none of the above are present in Street Science products. If you are simply bored with the look of your school supplies then Street Science may be the right notebooks and school supplies for you.

There are five styles being released:

  1. Beat Street - pays tribute to hip hop’s influence on pop culture and today’s trends
  2. Droppin Jewels - shows that knowledge is a commodity.
  3. The Blue Print - takes the curiosity of how something’s made by turning it inside out on the cover.
  4. Prints & Patterns - is a spin on today’s mix of classic and contemporary style.
  5. Camo - symbolizes a popular pattern on the streets and represents the history of a protective concealment turned fashion statement.

The company does say that they donate 5% of the net profit to a foundation that they have founded to administer the funds to schools in an, as yet, undisclosed fashion. This is commendable part of their business plan.

All in all the Street Science supplies look nice enough, but there is nothing new, let alone revolutionary about them. If you're looking for a change of pace, the supplies are reasonably priced and available at most K-Marts across the country. When it comes to revolutionary supplies... we'll have to wait for the next round to see if they come up with something more interesting.

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Street Science - New Skins for Traditional School Supplies
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