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A Life in Law
By Sarah Lane
Jan 3, 2004, 08:34 PST


A Life in Law

It is a well-known fact that to succeed in the profession of law you must have a disciplined personality and, of course, you have to love school! To find out if you have what it takes, or to just browse the possibilities, click on these law links and explore what America has to offer in this exciting field!

Law in General, Rankings, and Analysis

Law School Rankings
Link to several sites which rank law schools and explain the methodology behind the placements. Includes current college information and many online resources.
Source:   Education & Social Science Library University of Illinois at

My Law School Rankings
Choose from catagories such as Academic Reputation, Student Midrange LSAT, Student-to-Faculty Ratio, Employment Prospects, or Quality of Teaching, to personalize your list. Law schools will be ranked to match your particular needs!
Source:, Inc.

America’s Top 100 Law School for 2004
You will find this year's law school rankings, a detailed law school directory, and an interactive law school search all right here. Learn how to choose the right school and how to start law school on the right foot.
Source:   U.S. News and World Report, L.P.

Peterson’s Law Program Search
This advanced Law Channel Search will narrow your options and help you find the perfect school. There is also a Program Search for specific types of law practices or search by institution to cut to the chase.
Source:   The Thompson Corporation

American Bar Association
This powerful source for legal information provides legal and professional resources, law student resources, career counseling, general public resources, legislative and governmental advocacy, and more.
Source:   ABA

America’s Law Schools

Here are just a few examples of the nation’s top Law Schools. Click on the names to view their sites.

Yale Law School (1)

University of Chicago Law School (2)

Stanford Law School (3)

Columbia Law School (4)

Harvard Law School (5)

University of Michigan Law School (8)

Cornell Law School (11)

Duke University School of Law (13)

Concord University School of Law Online (Online Program, not ranked)

*Rankings from, Inc.

© Copyright 2004 by

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