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Pre-Law Advice
By Sarah Lane
Feb 21, 2004, 08:39 PST


Pre-Law Advising

So you want to be a lawyer? Well, you've got to start somewhere and why not where there are helpful resources to put everything into perspective? Take a look at what some of America's most respected universities have to say about the law school admissions test, application essays, curriculum choices for the pre-law student, and choosing law schools in general.

University of Richmond Pre-Law Handbook

This pre-law handbook for the 2002-2003 school year will introduce you to some facts about the legal profession, law school, and steps to take if you are an undergraduate student. Get important hints for applying to law school and learn myths and realities of a legal career.
Source:       University of Richmond

Complete Pre-Law Resources
Since it is not affiliated with any particular college or pre-law program, this set of resources is very valuable. Get official information, law school rankings, and consultation for your application. There are discussions, books, and plenty to read.
Source:       Law School

Information and Support Network for Future Black Law Students

A support network has been established for future black law students. This website is available to everyone and has a wealth of valuable information for any person interested in law school. Get law school preparation information, find a school, or apply for financial aid.
Source:       For Future Black Law School Students

Rice University - Pre-Law Advising
These pre-law documents include a law school application timetable, recommendation letters, undergraduate curriculum advice for pre-law students, and pre-law information for freshmen through senior status.
Source:       Rice University

University of Michigan Pre-Law

Review this panel of resources for choosing a law school, back-up plans, what courses to take in preparation for law school, LSAT test dates, registration, and financial aid options. Link to the American Bar Association, legal resources, and summer programs.
Source:       The Regents of the University of Michigan

Advice to Pre-Law Students University of Oklahoma

Professor Tharp, Jr. has composed this bulletin to answer questions most frequently asked of him concerning legal education. Whether it’s regarding preparation classes, GPA's, the LSAT, or applications, you are sure to find the answers on this page.
Source:       University of Oklahoma, Professor Emeritus Paul Tharp, Jr.

University of Illinois - Pre-Law School Admissions Information

Will pre-law give you an advantage? What classes are you supposed to be taking? Get a recommended reading list and answers to questions like these from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Read the ABA’s statement on Pre-Legal Education.
Source:       University of Illinois

Accepted - Law School Application Essays

In this area of the Accepted website you will find sample essays, articles about your personal statement, and tips for writing letters of recommendation. Have a professional writer edit and review your essay, and get help with how to start your essay.

University of Chicago Pre-Law InfoCenter

You will come across links to a pre-law guide with information for undergraduates, an F.A.Q. page with questions students should be asking, a set of questions for Law School representatives, and Habeas Corpus, which is the student-run pre-law group at the University of Chicago, all at this website.
Source:       The Office of the Dean of Students in the College

Cornell College Pre-Law Program
Get up-to-date pre-law news delivered to your e-mail address and use these resources for all sorts of help. Link to pre-law advisors, research on law schools, rankings, personal statements, financing, and letters of recommendation.
Source:       Cornell College

University of South Carolina Pre-Law Handbook
This guide for those interested in law school covers such topics as courses to consider, beyond coursework, and tying it all together. It also includes a law school application checklist for freshmen through senior year.
Source:       The Board of Trustees of the University of South Carolina

Skidmore College’s Online Pre-Law Handbook
Select a topic from options, such as deciding to become a lawyer, factors in law school admission, or get help choosing a particular school. You can also link to further resources for the LSAT.
Source:       Thomas A. Schmeling

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