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The Best Periodic Tables
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jul 17, 2012, 17:39 PST

Periodic Tables

Through the years, periodic tables have held a fascination for me. I’m not sure what the attraction is, but I think part of it is having everything in the world represented on this one simple chart. I’ve collected some of my favorites here to share with you. There are some very cool ones! Be sure to check out ChemComic’s Periodic Table of Comic Books and the Visual Interpretation of The Table of Elements by Chemsoc.

Featured Periodic Table: The Periodic Table of VIdeos

A friend of mine recently showed me this incredible site created by chemists at the University of Nottingham and video journalist Brady Haran. Each element has its own short video with information on its element and short experiments demonstrating the element's properties. They have done all of the elements and are currently updating the videos to include bigger and better experiments. As you will see, this site came out so cool, that they've expanded to their favorite molecules and compounds in The Molecular Videos. Our hats off to this wonderful group of chemists!
This cool periodic table has just about everything you could imagine or want. One of my favorite features is the element orbitals. Be sure to check out each of the tabs to find all of the great features.
Source: PTable

ClassBrain’s Simple Periodic Table
If you need a simple interactive periodic table, this one will be perfect. You'll find out the element's Name, Number, Weight, Melting Point, and Boiling Point.
Source: ClassBrain, Matthew Hoesch

Periodic Table of The Elements
An excellent online periodic table, with atomic numer and atomic mass, not to mention very cool little icons that appear for each element when you roll over their locations on the periodic table.
Source: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Advanced Interactive Periodic Table
Download this excellent periodic table from Los Alamos National Laboratory. It will take awhile to download if you're on a dial-up (2.8 mb), but if you're studying chemistry it's a great tool to have!
PDF format - Adobe Acrobat required
Source: Los Alamos National Laboratory

The Periodic Table of Comic Books
Click on an element to see a list of comic book pages involving that element. Click on a thumbnail on the list to see a full comic book page. Take a look at Oxygen to start. They think that this is some of their best stuff.
Source: ChemComics

A Visual Interpretation of The Table of Elements
If you are a designer or into visual arts be sure to take a look at this periodic table. It’s available in a Flash version or an HTML version, and it’s visually incredible. Another really interesting feature on this site is a section that they call Periodic Landscapes. These landscapes are a series of computer generated landscape views and models based on various patterns and relationships within the periodic table. You can even send an ecard of one of these periodic landscapes.
Source: 109 - a visual arts and science collaborative project supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry

Periodic Table of Elements
Comprehensive data on elements including scores of properties, element names in many languages and most known nuclides is provided by this periodic table. In addition environmental and chemistry articles round out this site. Through out, you will find that technical terms are linked to their definitions for your convenience.
Source: Environmental Chemistry

Alternate Style Periodic Elements
Did you know that all periodic tables don’t look like the one that we’re all familiar with? There have actually been a number of other styles designed by various scientists. Take a look at these specialized layouts:
Dr. Timmothy Stowe’s Physicist’s Period Table
Professor Thoedor Benfey’s Periodic Spiral
Emil Zmaczynski’s Triangular Long Form Periodic Table
Dimitri Mendeleev’s Original Folded Periodic Table

Source: Chris Heilman, Phoenix College

1001 Periodic Table Quiz Questions
If you need to study for a test on the periodic table, this is the place to go. The tests are sorted by age group, so pick your age and try out a few of the questions and see how you do. This is a great way to get a jump on the one you’ll have in class.

The Periodic Table of Poetry
Do you know that chemistry has a literary side? Well, it can when it’s created by Maggie Schold. She’s created a periodic table with a poem for each element.

Web Elements Scholar Edition
Mark Winter’s WebElements Periodic Table is one of the best resources on the Internet. It’s audio linked so you can listen to the descriptions if you’re tired of reading. There are also WebElement movies for PC and Mac.

If you need a professional version with more advanced information, check out his Professional Edition.
If a printed periodic table is need, he has a couple of different types.
You can even download a small, free-standing Flash version for your personal computer with his FlashElements for PC or Mac.
Source: WebElements

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