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Language Arts  

The ClassBrain Quotation Finder
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Feb 27, 2004, 10:21 PST


ClassBrain Quotation Finder

We’ve assembled some of the best quotation resources on the net for you to use for your research projects. Choose a general quotation source such as or if you have a particular interest, choose from one of our specialty collections listed below.

General Quotation Sources Quotation Search

Search for the quote you need with the handy search box below.

Quoteland has special collections dealing with sports, literary art, and special occasions, as well as a vast collection of general topics. The collection is searchable, extensive, and easy to use.
Source: Quoteland

The Quotations Page
Search this vast database by author, quotation, and/or category. Their collection includes: coles’ Quotables, LM’s Motivational Quotes, Cole’s Quotables, The Devil’s Dictionary, and others.
Source: The Quotations Page

The Quotations Archive
The Quotations Archive is a comprehensive, searchable database of general purpose quotations. Visitors to the web site can browse through quotations by subject, alphabetically by author, or they can use the search engine to generate a listing of quotations containing selected keywords or by a certain author.
Source: Aphids Communications

Specialty Quotation Sources

Mark Twain Quotations

This is the place to find quotes on everything Twain. Punctuated by great illustrations, this is one of the best author collections on the web. Use their search page to find just the right quote for your project.
Source: Barbara Schmidt

Furman University Mathematical Quotations Server
If math is your passion, this is the place for you. The home page of this web site will give you a random quotation each time you reload the page. You can browse the collection, look through the collection alphabetically, or search for the quote you need.
Source: Furman University

A Short Dictionary of Scientific Quotations
This little group of quotations has some gems. If you need a quotation dealing with the world of science, take a quick look though this page. It’s arranged alphabetically by author.
Source: Alfred Burdett

Engineering Quotes
This selection of civil engineering and engineering-related quotes was originally compiled and created by Andy Vann from the UK. “Some are idealistic, some are cynical, and some are what might best be described as tangential.”
Source: Department of Civil Engineering, University of Bristol

Movie Quotes
Search for a quote by keyword or phrase, cast member, genre or year. You can also browse by title, or view their top ten quote list. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll find that you can’t do without this great resource.
Source: Internet Movie Database

Garth's Eclectic Collection of Physics-Related Quotations
These quotations are classified by physics laws and theories. Use these quotations as a guide for choosing which novels you would most like to read. Most of them come from science-fiction novels, but others (most notably UmbertoEco's ``Foucault's Pendulum'') have nothing to do with science fiction.
Source: G.M. Huber

Quotations on Teaching, Learning and Education
This collection of quations has been assembled from Snow College in Utah and other sources, including collections at Western Kentucky University and the University of Minnesota. It is not searchable but it has some wonderful jewels, as well as some whimsical illustrations.
Source: James Rhem

Concordances - Shakespeare: Works
This is a very unusual quotation tool. Choose the book that you’re interested in, click on search the selected book, type in the word or phrase that you’d like to find, and you’ll find the citation of where to find it. Click get surrounding text and it will take you right to the correct section of the book.
Source: William A. Williams, Jr.

Pet Quotes the online Pet Directory

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