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Political Cartoons  

Pinning the Tail on Terror
By Cartoon: Larry Wright, The Detroit News Project: Cynthia Kirkeby & Sarah Lane
Jul 13, 2004, 10:20 PST

© Larry Wright, The Detroit News

Pinning the Tail on Terror

Terrorism has been used throughout the course of history to force compliance from groups that otherwise remain politically immovable. It has also been used by political figures to instill a sense of fear in the populace to make it easier to wield the power of their office. The Department of Homeland Security seems to be creating an alertist atmosphere in the country where we are supposed to fear everything, and yet still continue on with our normal business and pleasure activities. The messages are contradictory.

Discussion Questions:

What causes people to use terrorism as a tool for a political agenda and how does it effect those involved?

Has the terrorist attacks of September 11th created an unreasonable climate of terror within the country?

Does the Department of Homeland Security’s rating system cause a false sense of insecurity?

Do you think that the Homeland Security alert status will ever drop into the guarded or low status?

Why are our coastlines unprotected if our security is supposed to be at a heightened level?

Learning Links

The Psychology of Terror - The Mind of the Terrorist
Blue Oceans Psychology

Homeland Insecurity
Source: David Corn - The Nation

Homeland Insecurity
“A top expert says America's approach to protecting itself will only make matters worse. “
Source: The Atlantic Monthly

Coast Guard Foundering As Funds Run Dry
Source: Walter Cronkite

Homeland Insecurity: How Safe Are We?
“334 million people will travel the nation's roads, rails and skies this summer according to the Travel Industry of America. That's 23 million more than the summer of 2001. But have security improvements at the nation's ports, airlines, rails and borders kept up with the travel plans? “
Source: CNN Money

Threats & Protection - Advisory System
Understanding the Homeland Security Advisory System.
Source: Department of Homeland Security

© Copyright 2004 by

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