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Interactive Anatomy
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Aug 27, 2011, 19:34 PST

Interactive Anatomy

Interactive Anatomy
The study of anatomy has become more interesting with the help of interactive study programs. Below are some of the best ones we've found on the Internet. Some of the modules cover the entire body and others specialize in specific areas of the body such as the ear or the hand. If you're studying anatomy or biology, be sure to visit these excellent sites.

The eSkeletons Project
This is a totally cool site for anyone interested in human anatomy. Not only can you view any of the bones in the body from all view points, you can also view insertion, articulations, origins, and morphology when applicable. Their bone viewer makes this a fascinating exploration. One of the other cool things you can do on this site is view comparative anatomy of humans, baboons, and gorillas. Choose the bone, view, and species and the two bones will be shown side by side.
Source: The University of Texas at Austin

Virtual Body
The Virtual Body allows you to explore the Human Brain, the Skeleton, the Human Heart and the Digestive Track through beautifully designed Flash modules. Under the Human Skeleton section you can also play the Build a Skeleton Game.
Source:       MEDtropolis

The Human Body (enhanced version)
This interactive atlas of the body lets you explore male or female anatomy. Organs, skeletons, muscles, nervous system, and circulation systems are outlined in this Flash presentation.
standard version
Source:       BBCi

Get Body Smart
Learn all about the human body with these great interactive animations. This is a great way to study anatomy at almost any age. An awesome resource!
Source:       Scott Sheffield

Choose one of 10 different body systems for an interactive image. Click on any of the marked points for a description of the body part. There are also a number of animations available that explain bodily functions such as swallowing and breathing (click on animations).
Source:       IntelliMed International Corp.

The Foss Human Body
Assemble the skeleton to receive the names of each of the skeleton's parts.
Source:       Foss
Although we haven't recommended many subscription based sites, this is an exception. If you are seriously studying anatomy as a pre-med student or biologist, then you may want to take a look at this site. The interactive illustrations of the body are incredibly thorough and the descriptions are extensive. This is an excellent resource.
Source:       Primal Picture, Ltd.

The images in this site are part of The U.S. National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project. Although the cut-away views are pretty amazing, the anatomic objects from the male chest area are the really helpful images for studying. Each structure is color-coded and labeled. It is an amazing resource.
Source:       U.S. National Library of Medicine

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