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Noble Banners for the Song of Ice and Fire Trilogy
By Nora Kirkeby
Jan 23, 2004, 14:18 PST

GMartin HousesBanners

The following list is designed as a companion to George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire Trilogy. Each term listed is one of the noble houses from the trilogy and next to each one is the description of the house’s banner. Since there are so many houses to keep track of in this series, this is a handy reference sheet to print out and keep handy. Happy reading from the staff at ClassBrain. Compiled by Nora Kirkeby.

Noble Banners for George R. R. Martin’s
A Song of Ice and Fire Trilogy

Ser Amory black manticore Moto: As High as Honor
House Arryn
(Lord Robert, Lady Lysa, Lord Jon) - moon-and-falcon on a gray-blue background, from Eyrie
black crowned prancing stag black on gold feild, Robert and Joffrey from King’s Landing, Renly from Storm’s End
Baratheon, Stannis
red heart surrounded by orange flames with the black Baratheon stag inside the heart on a yellow background, from Dragonstone
tree and ravens
Bloody Mummers/Brave Companions
(Lord Vargo) - black goat with bloody horns
Caron, Bryce
red crabs
battle axe
City’s Watch
Clegane (Sandor, the dog) (Gregor, the mountain who ride) - three black hounds on a yellow background
Lord Crakehall brindled boar
Darry plowman
House Dondarrion (Lord Beric) purple lightning bolt on a black field
House Dreadfort (Roose Bolton) flayed man
Lord Estermont green sea turtle on a green field
Lord Farly strinding huntsman
Ser Flement purple unicorn
House Florent fox head in a circle of flowers, from Brightwater Keep
Fossoway red or green apples depending who it is
House Frey (Lord Walder, “the Late Lord Frey”) - twin dark blue towers on a silver background
House Greyjoy (Lord Balon) (Theon) (Asha) - golden kraken (sea monster) on a black background Moto: We Do Not Sow , from the Iron Islands
Glovers silver mailed fist on a scarlet background
Lord Goodbrother banded black warhorn
Greatjon giant in shattered chains
Harlaw silver scythe
Hornwoods brown bull moose on an orange background
Karstark white sunburst on a background
Kings’s Guard (Sandor Clegane) (Mandon Moore) (Aerys Oakheart) (Jaime Lannister) (Balon Swann) (Meryn Trant) (Osmund Kettleback) (Ser Loras, Knight of Flowers) - white
Lannister (Queen Cersei) (Ser Jaime) (Lord Tywin) (Tyrion, the Imp)- golden lion on a crimson field Moto: Hear Me Roar!, from Casterly Rock
Lydden badger
Lord Manderly white merman with a trident in hand rising from a aqua sea
House Marbrand (Ser Addam) - a burning tree orange on a smoke colored background
Lord Martell red sun piersed by a gold spear Moto: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken, from Dorne
Lady Mormont black bear
Night’s Watch (Jon Snow) (Jeor Mormont, the Old Bear) (Yoren) (Ser Allister Thorne) (Benjen Stark) - black
Oakheart leaf
Paeges twining red and white snakes
Ser Parmen purple plums and sunflowers
Piper, Marq dancing maiden
Penrose quills
Presters red ox
Rainbow Guard (Ser Robar Royce, red) (Lord Bryce Caron, orange) (Ser Emmon Cuy, yellow) (Ser Guyard Morrigen, green) (Brienne the Beauty, blue) (Ser Parmen Crane, purple)
House Redwyne (Ser Horas) (Ser Hobber) - burgandy grape cluser on a blue background
Rowan tree
Lord Sawane a shoal of silver fish on a pale green background
House Seaworth (Ser Davos) - black ship with an onion in its sails on a pale gray field
Slynt bloody golden spear on a black background
Stark grey direwold on a white background Moto: Winter is Coming, from Winterfell
Swyft bantom rooster
Tallharts three sentinel trees
House Targaryen red three-headed dragon on a black background
House Tarth quartered sun and moon
House Tully (Caitlen) - silver fish
Tully, Brynden black fish
House Tyrell (Lord Mace) (Lady Alerie) (Ser Loras) - golden rose on a green background Moto: Growing Strong, from Highgarden
Velaryon seahorse
Wynch blood moon

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