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Political Cartoons  

Choosing The Pope - Smoke White
By Cartoon: Ares,
Project: Cynthia Kirkeby,
Apr 30, 2005, 11:39 PST

© Ares,

Choosing The Pope - Smoke White

The Catholic Church recently chose a new pope. His name is Joseph Ratzinger, and he has taken on the name of Pope Benedict XVI (16th), and yes there have been fifteen other popes before him named Benedict. He is the oldest pope to be elected since Pope Clement XII in 1730, and he is a controversial figure who was once a Hitler Youth. Take a look at the process of picking a new pope within one of the most powerful religions in the world, and what changes, or lack thereof, are expected to follow.

Discussion Questions

How was the new pope chosen?

Will the Pope’s age effect his ability to lead Catholics in quickly moving modern times?

Is this pope too conservative to lead the current Catholic Church?

Is it possible that Pope Benedict’s strict views on birth control, homosexuality, and other issues will cause a schism between the American Catholics and the rest of the Church?

What do you think about Pope Benedict’s past as a Hitler Youth? Will it effect his ability to function as a world leader, especially with regards to relations in the Middle East?

Learning Links

Pope Benedict XVI
This section has a large collection of articles on the new pope, including an excellent multimedia section on the “Inside the Conclave,” and the “Life of John Paul II.”
Source: New York Times - International

Benedict XVI
Read the latest news from the Vatican about his Holiness Benedict XVI.
Source: The Vatican (The Holy See)

Profile: Pope Benedict XVI
Ratzinger was apparently the clear favorite from the start, read this profile on the new Catholic Pope and learn about the controversial side of the new pontiff.
Source: BBC News

The Pope and The Papal Election
Learn how the Pope with this set of resources from ClassBrain.
Source: Cynthia Kirkeby, ClassBrain

© Copyright 2005 by

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