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Political Cartoons  

A Historic Presidential Election
By Cartoon: Tab, The Calgary Sun
Project: Cynthia Kirkeby, ClassBrain
Nov 4, 2008, 22:43 PST

© Tab, The Calgary Sun 2008

A Historic Presidential Election

On November 4th, 2008, Barack Obama was elected as the first black president of the United States. This is a day that will obviously go down in history as an amazing day full of promise, a day that gives children a new role model. A new chapter is being written not only in Black history , but in the history of the United States.

Questions to Ponder

  • Barack Obama overcame many obstacles to become the next President. Do you think it will make him a better President?

  • What effect do you think having a black President will make on the next generation?

  • Take a look at the timeline: From Slavery to Civil Rights. Has the change taken place in a short time or a long one?

  • What are the greatest challenges you think President Obama will be facing?

  • How quickly do you think President Obama will appoint his cabinet staff?

  • How do you think President Obama's life compares to President Lincoln's life?

Learning Links on The Civil Rights Movement and the Presidential Election

  • We Shall Overcome, Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement
    Source: A partnership project produced by the U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service, U.S. Department of Transportation, The Federal Highway Administration, and the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers

  • The Civil Rights Era
    Source: Library of Congress

      © Copyright 2008 by

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Political Cartoons
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