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Mock Trial  

Mock Trial Scripts for Teens
By Cynthia Kirkeby
May 3, 2009, 8:53pm

Mock Trial Scripts

Have fun with the following sample mock trial scripts. Whether fairy tales, disaster, or war is your interest, one of these should hit your hot button.

Jensen v The White Star Line
This mock trial site has materials to hold a trial related to the sinking of the Titanic. This one is sure to interest middle and high school students.
Level: Grades 7-12
Source: Anderson Kill & Olick Attorneys at Law

Police v. Jack Jones
The case against Jack Jones for murdering Mr. A. Giant, following the burglary of Mr. Giant's home, is perfect for students beginning an exploration of the law.
Level: Grades 5-12
Source: Australian Broadcast Corporation

State of Washington v. Herschel C. Lyon
This mock trial is for a murder case in the State of Washington. The crime is made up of elements listed 1-4 on the previous page. The prosecution must prove all four of those beyond a reasonable doubt to win.
Level: Grades 4-9
Source: Washington Courts

Battered Child Syndrone
This is a criminal trial for first degree murder. The defendant admits that s/he killed Simpson, but alleges that she/he was acting in self defense because she/he perceived that they were in imminent danger of serious bodily harm, because of a condition called the 'battered child syndrome,' resulting from a continuous pattern of suffered abuse.
Level: Grades 8-12
Source: Washington Courts/OAC Judicial Education

Adjudicatory Hearing
This is a criminal case brought by the State of Washington charging the defendant, Jackie Demathers, with second degree robbery. In support, the State claims that on March 15, Jackie Demathers, a 15-year-old juvenile, robbed an Excel Gas Station of $227.58 by threatening the attendant with injury.
Level: Grades 8-12
Source: Washington Courts/OAC Judicial Education

Torts - Automobile Accident
This is a civil case brought by Terry Vickers claiming that Sandy Hearst is liable for the injuries that Terry Vickers received in an automobile accident caused by Dana Ivy. Terry Vickers claims that Sandy Hearst negligently served alcohol to Dana Ivy at a time when Dana Ivy was obviously intoxicated, and that, as a result of the intoxication, Dana Ivy crashed into Terry Vickers's car, causing serious injuries.
Level: Grades 10-12
Source: Washington Courts/OAC Judicial Education

An Interactive Curriculum for High School Students
This PDF file series includes information on 3 cases:
Segment One: The Rule of Law and the Amistad Case 1
Segment Two: The Role of the Courts and the Case of Mary Jones 11
Segment Three: The Connecticut Court Process and the Case of Michael T.
Level: Grades 9-12
Source: Connecticut Courts/ Judicial Branch

Courts to Classes
Courts to Classes offers useful, accessible, educational materials via the Internet that will assist in teaching students about the purpose, structure, and function of the federal courts.
Mini Simulation of a Supreme Court Oral Argument
Grades 9-12
Source: The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts

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