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Mock Trial  

Mock Trial Scripts (4 - 6 grade)
By Cynthia Kirkeby
May 3, 2009, 3:32pm

Mock Trial Scripts (4-6 Grade)

The Salem Witch Mock Trial
Revisit the witch trials that took place in Salem Massachusetts in the summer of 1692. This excellent mock trial package takes the form of a slide show. It includes everything that you need, including links to teaching materials and transcripts.
Source: Ms. Brown, Ms. Coady, and Mr. Vida

Dramatization of Salem Witch Trial
Resources for Grades 4-6: Due Process Freedoms
This script and lesson plan is an excellent way to combine an introduction to mock trial with early American history. The Salem Witch trials are a fascinating part of our past, and this offers a unique way to explore this historic times.
Source: American Bar Association

Yertle the Turtle Mock Trial
Grades 4-6: Due Process Freedoms
This fun mock trial allows the students to explore the concept and laws related to our personal freedoms guaranteed under the constitution. Dr. Seuss’ classic tale takes a not-so-classic foray into law.
Source: American Bar Association

Humpty Dumpty Mock Trial
This mock trial allows students to participate in a pre-scripted trial on personal injury. Humpty Dumpty’s accident mow lets kids learn about the workings of the law.
Source: Oklahoma Bar Association

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