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Mock Trial  

Mock Trial Scripts (K-12)
By Cynthia Kirkeby
May 3, 2009, 3:39pm

Mock Trial Scripts for K-12

Mini-Court (Including The Case of the Missing Puppy)
Mock trial activities for grades K-2. This free booklet features “The Case of the Missing Puppy,” a five-day lesson plan for grades K-1 and another for grade 2. The purpose is to help teach young children about the legal system.
Source: New Jersey State Bar Foundation

B.B. Wolf v. Curly Pig
A mock trial script for preschool through primary grades. This is the case of Wolf versus Pig. The charge against Pig is attempted Wolf cooking.
Source: Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court - Illinois

Police v. Jack Jones
The case against Jack Jones for murdering Mr. A. Giant, following the burglary of Mr. Giant's home is perfect for young elementary school students.
Source: Australian Broadcast Corporation

Jack and the Beanstalk Script
This script is designed to help elementary students learn about the legal system. Before using it, students should be familiarized with the original fairy tale.
Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Mock Trial For Elementary Students
This mock trial script about a bank robbery was created by an Ohio Judge.
Source: Judge Fregiato

Jensen v The White Star Line
This mock trial site has materials to hold a trial related to the sinking of the Titanic. Thi is one sure to interest middle and high school students.
Source: Anderson Kill & Olick Attorneys at Law

Judgment on Nuremberg

The following issues are at issue in this mock trial script: War Crimes, Hate Propaganda, Freedom of Speech, Jewish Holocaust.
Source: The Law Connection

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