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Scholarships & Grants  

CAL Grant Entitlement Awards
By Cruz M Bustamante
Apr 12, 2006, 9:16am

There is currently an opportunity to apply for a competitive Cal Grant exclusively for Community College students.

Today, I want to pass on some important financial aid information specifically to students with good grades who are attending California's Community Colleges and who are in need of financial assistance. There is a separate deadline for a Cal Grant A or B competitive award.

Each year, 11,250 competitive grants are awarded exclusively to Community College students who meet certain financial criteria. These awards are based on several factors, including Grade Point Average (GPA), high school performance standards, family income, and the education level of the student's parents. Students most in need who also meet the GPA standards can be eligible to receive a Cal Grant A or Cal Grant B competitive award, but they must get their applications in right away!

In California, everyone has an equal chance to fulfill their educational and professional dreams, but not everyone knows that. That's why I created the College Opportunity and Outreach Program (COOP) four years ago to help inform California's students about these grants. Cal Grants make the possibility of college a reality for countless students who may not otherwise have had any hope of attending college.

For more information on the Cal Grant program, please contact the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) at This Web site also contains a listing of alternative student aid programs that may better suit your needs.

Please help me get the word out about this opportunity, which will help to fund the dreams and aspirations of thousands of college-bound Californians.

Lieutenant Governor
State of California

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Scholarships & Grants
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