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Write down things associated with Passover in this acronym poem writing activity. Start your word, phrase, or sentence with each of these letters:Download this worksheet as a PDF file(Adobe Acrobat Required) P_______________________________________________________ A_______________________________________________________ S_______________________________________________________ S_______________________________________________________O_______________________________________________________V_______________________________________________________E_______________________________________________________R_______________________________________________________ © Copyright 2004 by Cite this… (new...

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Passover celebrates the anniversary of the birth of the Jewish nation and the Jewish exodus from Egypt. The highlight of this celebration is the Seder, which is a special ceremony that lasts for the first two days of the holiday. There are special Jewish laws that must be followed during this time, and there are all sorts of special traditions, rites, prayers, and food. Explore the links below to learn all about this important Jewish holiday. PassoverThis is the most complete site that we’ve found on Passover. It’s well designed and well researched. If you need to find something on Passover, you’ll probably find it here.Source: Aish HaTorah Pesach: Passover Passover is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays throughout the world. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Nissan. Learn more about this important holiday, including what is done on Saturday night, what is a seder, how you buy a Haggadah, and what music is played for the celebration.Source: Judaism 101 Pesach Recipes Check out this wonderful recipe collection that is centered around Passover. You’ll find everything from Chicken Soup to Matza Apple Kugel to Homemade Gefilte Fish.Source: Learn About The Seder This section will take you through the importance of the Seder, Kadesh, Urchatz, Karpas, and Yachatz, the main portion of the Seder called Maggid, and more.Source: Virtual Seder Plate The Seder plate is the center of the Seder celebration. Click on each of the symbols to learn more about this important Passover symbol.Source: Beth Chaim Silly Seder Songs By Our Cousin Mark These songs are pretty...


The celebration of Passover is eight days long. It is an observance of the freedom and exodus of the Israelites from Egypt 3000 years ago.