Halloween Safety Tips from the Doctors™

The hosts of The Emmy™ Award-winning syndicated series THE DOCTORS reveal important safety tips that parents need to know to ensure a safe Halloween.

As a pediatrician, Dr. Sears has seen first hand that Halloween can be dangerous for children, if parents don’t follow safety guidelines from everything from costume selection to making sure the front yard is hazard free.

Most importantly, Dr. Sears wants to stress that choking is more prevalent after Halloween, because young kids eat candy that is too small for them, therefore, learning CPR is as important to parents, as inspecting candy to make sure it is tightly wrapped in the original wrapping.

Christopher's Halloween Candy by Joe the Photographer  CC-2.0

Christopher’s Halloween Candy by Joe the Photographer CC-2.0

Dr. Sears has come up with the following tips to ensure that your family has a safe Halloween.

Make sure your child’s costumes are safe:
• Makeup should be non-toxic so it doesn’t cause skin irritation or rashes
• Costumes need to be fire-retardant
• Children should be able to see through masks without obstruction
• Knives or swords should be soft — made out of cardboard or other flexible materials

Prior to sending your kids out trick-or-treating kids should:
• Eat a full dinner so they are not hungry and tempted to eat their candy
• Memorize their phone number in case they get lost
• Place reflective strips on their costumes so cars can easily spot them

Important rules kids should follow on Halloween:
• Use flashlights or glow sticks
• If there is no sidewalk, walk toward oncoming cars, not in the same direction as the cars are moving
• Don’t ride a bike or wear rollerblades
• Don’t enter a stranger’s house
• Have a buddy system
• Don’t eat any candy before returning home — parents need to inspect the sweets

Parents need to monitor candy intake because:
• Sugar suppresses the immune system
• You don’t want young children choking on small candies
• Make sure everyone knows CPR

Review fire safety with your child:
• With candles and jack-o-lanterns at every turn, kids can get burned. Make sure they know the Stop, Drop and Roll rule

Make your home safe for trick-or-treaters:
• Trim bushes back from the sidewalk
• Remove flower pots kids can trip over
• Make sure your outdoor lights are working properly
• Secure animals away in the backyard



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