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Secretary Rumsfeld on September 11, 2002

Secretary Rumsfeld on September 11, 2002 By Department of Defense – Thelma LeBrecht /AP Secretary Rumsfeld’s Interview with the Associated Press (Interview with Thelma LeBrecht, Associated Press) LeBrecht: I want to use this for tomorrow morning, so think this is now September 11th and I want you to think about what are your thoughts. Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld. DoD photo by R. D. Ward. Rumsfeld: Well, September 11th, of course brings back all those memories that the event that will occur at the site where the families will be there and people will be thinking about that day but also thinking about what’s been accomplished in the intervening period, and what is left to do which is quite a bit. We’re not — I’m afraid we’re probably closer to the beginning of this than the end and that means we’ve got a lot of work to do. Certainly the people in uniform understand that, and I think it’s important for them also to understand that the American people recognize what they’re doing and value it. LeBrecht:  I wanted a personal reaction as far as September 11th for you. Your personal reaction. Rumsfeld: You know I don’t think much personally about myself. I spend most of my waking hours working here and thinking about the problems of the country and the tasks the department faces and you can’t help but think when you think about September 11th, the people who died and their families, and be energized by the importance of what we’re doing and the importance of our doing it well for the people who are alive...


ISLAM Not all Muslims are terrorists. As a matter of fact, Islam gets its name from the word “peace.”  At the same time, the terrorists are using the Islamic faith as a justification for their acts.We’ve assembled various informational resources on the Islamic faith and its people, so that you can learn more about how this religion has affected Afghanistan, the Middle East, and the world. Learning Links on Islam A Glossary of Islamic Terms Choose a term or just browse the glossary to learn more about Islam. Source:     Islam 101 Islam –Empire of Faith Explore the faith, culture, and innovation of Islam. Also, meet people of Islamic faith through selected profiles.  This is a well done historic perspective of the religion and its people. Source:     PBS Islam- Customs and more Learn about the primary customs of the Islamic faith, the second most popular religion in the world. Then go on to study the history, beliefs, holy days and more. Source:     BBC Spiritual and Intellectual Rights Teaching About Religion in American Schools Source: The Council on Islamic Education About Islam What is Islam? Who are Muslims? Where do they live in this world? How many live in the United States? Although these questions might seem foreign to us, and the answers unattainable, the mystery behind Islamic faith is revealed in this primer. Learn what a Muslin community in America is like, the history of Islam in America, and the basic beliefs of this unique group of people. You’ll find information concerning Allah, Angels, Prophets, Original Sin, the Qur’an, and the Afterlife. Answer the who-what-where-how of the Divine Scriptures,...

Farnsworth, Philo T.

Philo T. Farnsworth – ‘The Father of Television’ Seventy-seven years ago on September 7th, 1927, the first successful demonstration of television occurred.  A mostly self-taught genius named Philo T. Farnsworth transmitted an image of a horizontal line to a receiver in the next room.  Farnsworth was born on August 19th, 1906, at Indian Creek in Beaver County, Utah.  At age six he told his Dad that he’d been born an inventor.  An amazing young boy, he built an electric motor at age 12 and won his first national contest at age 13.  In the contest sponsored by Science and Invention Magazine, Farnsworth created a thief proof lock.  He didn’t stop there.  During the summer of 1921, Farnsworth was leading a horsedrawn plowing machine when he stopped to look over his work.  He suddenly realized that just as he was plowing the field into parallel rows, he could scan an image row by row.  He figured that by doing this one line at a time, with a beam of electrons inside a cathode ray tube, he might successfully transmit an image to a receiver.   He went on to demonstrate the first operational, all electronic television system in 1927.  With an extension on his funding, it was May 1928 when Farnsworth transmitted a two-dimensional image of his wife and assistant Pem, to a receiver for viewing by an audience.  Using a sketch kept by his high school chemistry teacher, Justin Tolman, he went on to win a legal suit against RCA.  They claimed, to no avail, that their man, Vladimir Zworykin, had documented this...

Astro-Venture Occupation Lessons

For Labor Day explorations, we’re happy to include the Astro-Venture Occupation Lessons , which were developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the purpose of increasing students’ interest in science, math and technology skills.

Central Valley Spelling Bee

Dec 9, 2002, 12:19pm Do you Know about the central valley California spelling bee? Thank you! Nicholas Nicholas, The spelling bees in your area are a little complex. Let me take you through it step by step: 1. Apparently there are seven regions that make up the Central Valley school area. 2. Each region sends out information about the spelling bee to the various school districts. 3. If your school district decides that it wants to participate, it sends out information to all of the schools. 4. The schools have to send a letter to the district telling them that they want to enter the spelling bee. 5. Then, the district sends a letter to the regional office saying that they’re going to have a district spelling bee, and the winners will be sent to the regional competition. 6. Two winners are then sent from each district from both the elementary and junior high competitions to compete at the county level. Whew! In your case the spelling bee, known as The Spell Off, is the Fresno County competition. However, there are actually seven counties that make up the Central Valley Region and each one holds it’s own spelling bee. These include Mariposa, Fesno, Tulare, Kings, Madera, and Merced.   The Fresno County competition will be held: March 19, 2015 Fresno Exhibit Hall 848 M. St Fresno, California 93721 9:00 a.m. Elementary competition, registered students check-in at 8:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. Jr High competition, registered students check-in by 12:45 p.m. . It will start at 9 AM and typically lasts about half of the day. The elementary students have an oral competition and the...

Labor Day

While we bask in the dimming light and recall vacations, picnics, and barbeques, we must remember who we owe for this last three-day weekend; American Labor Unions.

Photos of September 11th from the Coast Guard

September 11th Photos from the Coast Guard By Cynthia Kirkeby Photos of the events of 9-11-2001. ATTACK TRADE CENTER The skyline of Manhattan is pictured early September 15, 2001 with smoke billowing from the wreckage of the World Trade Center’s twin towers. The towers collapsed after being struck by two hijacked jetliners on September 11. Chief Brandon Brewer-U.S. Coast Guard WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACK – NEW YORK, New York (Sept. 14)–The World Trade Center burns as the USNS Comfort arrives in New York harbor September 14 at sunset. USCG photo by PAC Brandon Brewer   WORLD TRADE CENTER 9-11-01 – NEW YORK (Sept. 11, 2001) Smoke rises from where the World Trade Centers once stood. USCG photo by PA2 Tom Sperduto. ATTACK TRADE CENTER Coast Guard cutter Tahoma controls harbor traffic off the southern tip of Manhattan late September 15, 2001. The wreckage of the World Trade Center Towers burns casting smoke over the skyline of Manhattan. Chief Brandon Brewer- U.S. Coast Guard WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACK NEW YORK, New York (Sept. 14)–A memorial to the World Trade Center rescue workers next to the American Place restaurant in Lower Manhattan’s Battery Park. USCG photo by PAC Brandon Brewer Cite this… (new...

Grandparents Day

Grandparent’s Day is celebrated each year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. The celebration was created by Marian McQuade, when she was 61 years old.

The History of Labor Day

“Labor Day differs in every essential way from the other holidays of the year in any country,” said Samuel Gompers, founder and longtime president of the American Federation of Labor….

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