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Europe Is Hot

By Cartoonist – Arcadio Esquivel – La Prensa, Panama
Project – Cynthia Kirkeby & Sarah Lane
Sep 15, 2003, 13:23 PST

Europe Is Hot

© Arcadio Esquivel, Cagle Cartoons, La Prensa, Panama

Student Discussion Questions

You may have heard the reports from Europe concerning skyrocketing temperatures during the month of August. You may not have heard that 11,435 people died during this heat wave in France. No other country reported deaths tolling as high as France. The saddest part is that there are many bodies never claimed by loved ones. As with any situation this big, people want to place the blame somewhere so they have a place to direct their anger.

– French Health Authorities have been blamed for reacting too slow to the seriousness of the situation.

РHospitals have been blamed for letting doctor’s leave during August vacation.

– Critics have blamed the high death toll on inadequate staffing at hospitals and retirement homes.

– The lack of air conditioning units in the mostly mild-weathered country is another reason cited.

Where do you think the blame should be placed and why?

Could this situation have been avoided? How?

How should France go about making sure this never happens again?

On a side note, President Bush is asking for help from everyone, even the French who disagreed with the War in Iraq, to aid in recovery and rebuilding efforts in Iraq. He has recently called on the U.N. Security Council to pass a new resolution to encourage the flow of more money and armed forces into Iraq. He is asking for $87 million.

– Do you think that President Bush has a legitimate reason for internationalizing the task of reconstruction?

– If you were France would you help? Why or why not?

Read this article from CNN outlining the situation.

What is your interpretation of this political cartoon?

Use these resources to explore more:

Special Report – Rebuilding Iraq
Source: CNN/Money

Special Report – The New Iraq
Source: CNN

Rebuilding Iraq Should be International Effort, Says Powell
Source: U.S. Department of Defense

The US War on Iraq – French Online Articles
Source: Le Monde Diplomatique

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